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Accurate Employee Screening, Detect Infidelity

Our examiners can provide “mother tongue” tests in the following languages; Arabic, Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish. We also have extensive experience of working in partnership with interpreters to provide examinations in most languages.

Relationship Issues / Infidelity
Whether your relationship is with a business partner, employee or spouse, to be accused of lying can have a disastrous effect on the relationship and can often lead to the total breakdown of trust, termination of a business partnership or domestic relationship. Proving your innocence can be a stressful and sometimes an almost impossible task. Whenever trust becomes an issue within a relationship it is important to tackle the problem with care. We specialise in using the polygraph to verify truth or deception within relationship issues of all kinds. By taking a polygraph test the truthful can be vindicated and importantly for all concerned, that vindication can be independently evidenced by one of our highly trained professionals. On the other hand, the guilty or deceptive individual can be quickly identified; this is particularly important where circumstances dictate that there are a number of individuals that fall under suspicion.

The Finger Test

Pre-Employment Screening
Our Pre Employment polygraph screening should be part of any Human Resources Risk Assessment Policy. With over 25% of job applications containing a lie about serious matters such as internal fraud, previous convictions or drug taking, your company could be exposing itself to unnecessary risk. The present day threat of terrorism has also exposed many organisations previously not at risk to a new and real danger. By polygraph screening all key applicants we can assist you in recruiting the right personnel and maintain the security of your business.

An allegation of theft can be easily made against anyone, however, proving ones innocence is often difficult if not impossible. If you suspect someone of theft, or are under suspicion yourself, whether in the home or at work, we can conduct a polygraph test and evidence the guilt or innocence of the suspected person.

Fraud within an organisation can be extremely costly. If you suspect an employee of transferring company information for use by a competitor, maliciously deleting vital company information or hiding illegal processes which may harm your company reputation or finances, we can test an individual's honesty on any situation where trust is an issue.

Confirmation of Innocence
The Polygraph has proved thousands of individuals innocent of crimes they did not commit and lies they did not tell. We can help you by testing your honesty and evidence your innocence. Remember our advice is free.

Sexual Abuse
Everyone of our examiners has undergone specialised training and certification on the testing of sex offenders. Whether you are a victim, or have been accused of abuse, a polygraph examination will quickly and reliably identify the guilty and vindicate the innocent.

Contact us for employee screening services or to detect infidelity and other unfaithful activity.