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Professional Lie Detector Testing

Testing Viability

How reliable is polygraph testing? Satisfy your curiosity by learning how our system works, how effective it is, and where and when it should be used.

Testing Options

Common reasons for testing include for employee screening or to detect infidelity, as well as to confirm your innocence during in-depth sex offender examinations.

Learn the Process

Consider a career dedicated to discovering the truth. Immerse yourself in our polygraph examiner training course for a suitable introduction.

Contact us to book our lie detector testing services and shed some invaluable light on confusing issues, whatever they may be.

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Polygraph International (UK) are the leading polygraph examiners in the UK

Not only are we the only UK representatives of the world renowned training provider, the Backster School of Lie Detection, we are also the only UK based company with Backster School accredited trainers, who ensure that our examiners maintain the highest standards, use the most up to date techniques and equipment and provide “in house” quality assurance of the highest standard.

All of our examiners are registered with the lead professional organisation, the American Polygraph Association. We are founder members of the New Zealand Polygraph Association and have individual memberships of the American Police Polygraph Association as well as the British and British and European Polygraph Associations.

You have already taken the first step towards verifying the truth by consulting our website. The following information pathway will guide you to making the right informed decision as to whom to engage as your polygraph examiner

Questions to ask before engaging the services of a polygraph examiner:

• Has the examiner graduated from a leading American Polygraph Association training facility?
• Is the examiner a member of the American Polygraph Association?
• Does the examiner use the latest state of the art equipment and examination procedures?
• Does the company provide Continual Professional Development training accredited by the American Polygraph Association?
• Is the polygraph test result quality assured for accuracy by accredited in house trainers?
• Are graduation certificates available for prospective clients to view?

Polygraph International (UK) can conduct tests at any location in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Europe and the USA. To book an appointment or if you have any further questions then please feel free to contact us either by email or on our Freephone number listed above.


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• Established July 2013 •

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